Evolution Online (by Asamco)

Access, view, maintain, and process your Evolution records from anywhere in the world !

Access your Sage 200 Evolution database from anywhere, at any time, and on almost any device!

Asamco Evolution Online enables you to use the familiar Sage Evolution modules in a modern, yet easy-to-use web environment. No longer will you be chained to your Windows machine at the office. Manage your company anytime and from anywhere, using your favorite device, and take advantage of the diverse benefits of Asamco Evolution Online.


Evolution Online seamlessly integrates with Sage 200 Evolution. The connection is done via an API that is installed next to your Sage Evolution databases either on-premises or cloud-hosted. The API connection is secure. No information is stored in the web application, and updates are in real-time.




Evolution Online is hosted on Asamco’s Platform and can be accessed via any web browser, on almost any device. You simply require a stable internet connection. No more expensive RDS licenses or hardware is required to provide remote access to your Sage 200 database. Hosting is on Azure and you are therefore guaranteed the lowest response time using Azure’s CDN.


  • As a first-time user, you will be sent an invitation to the Asamco Portal. Follow the prompts to sign-up.
  • Once your account is registered, you can sign in using one of the options below:
    1. Single sign-on using your Microsoft 365 account
    2. Sign in with your Google account
    3. Sign in using your email address.


  • Password protection
  • Easy access to all your databases with just a few clicks
  • Facilitated management of users
  • Customizable grids
  • Management of accounts
    • Accounts receivable (AR)
    • Accounts payable (AP)
    • General ledger (GL)
  • Project management
  • Foreign currency management




  • Single sign-on access to multiple databases (companies)
  • Multi-tenant
  • Fully integrated with other Asamco web-applications
  • Facilitated access through the Asamco Platform
  • Secure API connection and Azure environment
  • Instant synchronization of data
  • Integration with Sage Evolution 200 and Office 365
  • Compatible with your preferred devices

Asamco Evolution Online - Functions & Features

Evolution Dashboard

When you log in you are presented with all the organizations you have access to, as well as the apps that are connected to those organizations. The connected applications you can see here are managed by permissions that are assigned by the organization’s administrator.

On the dashboard, you will find a list for quick access to customers, suppliers, GL accounts, foreign currency, and projects. Access to these is also available through the left menu tree.

Customers And Suppliers


  • Contains the main functions of Evolution.
  • DMS attachment upload available. Quick enquiry of the account transactions.
  • Creation and maintenance of accounts through EvoOnline.


  • Contains the main functions of Evolution.
  • Attachments tab.
  • Quick overview of accounts and transactions.

Stock/Item Maintenance

The stock/item maintenance offers the following functionality:

  • Item information
  • Information screen detailing your Bin locations per warehouse
  • Your pricing tab
  • Item defaults screen
  • Attributes tab where you can set up your stock/item UDF fields
  • Warehouse tab where you can manage the warehouses this item is linked to
  • Your linked suppliers
  • The Incidents tab is where you can set up your stock movements for the selected stock items

Bank Statements

  • Bank statement import, with direct allocation to invoice.
  • Allow for the posting of single lines, upon completion.
  • AI / Machine learning, to suggest accounts to post a transaction to.
  • Multi-bank statement processing in 1 screen

Sales Documents (SO, CRN)

  • Approval workflows
  • Limiting GL accounts allowed per workflow.
  • Limiting workflows allowed per user. group.
  • Attachment of documents (into DMS).
  • Approval flows with “project manager” custom steps.
  • Proper logging of approvals, and visibility of this on layouts.

Purchase Documents (PO, GRV, SUPPLIER INVOICE, RTS)

  • Approval workflows.
  • Limiting GL accounts allowed per workflow.
  • Limiting workflows allowed per user group.
  • Attachment of documents (into DMS).
  • Approval flows with “project manager” custom steps.
  • Proper logging of approvals, and visibility of this on layouts.


  • You can edit, add and delete projects, as well as view the status of each project (active/inactive).
  • UDF functionality is available
  • DMS attachment upload available.


  • You can view existing journal batches, as well as edit them.
  • In editing a journal batch, the reference number, bank account workflow, deposits, and payment can be modified.
  • Approval workflows, before allowing to post journals.

Cashbook Batches

  • Quick access to existing batches
  • Approval workflows before allowing to post CB batch.
  • Direct allocations to invoices from a line, BEFORE posting.
  • Attaching of documents (into DMS)(linked to cash book batch)

General Ledger

General Ledger provides you with a quick overview of accounts and transactions.

Foreign Currency

  • Under the “Foreign currency” tab you can find a list of the existent currencies. You can edit and/or remove these.
  • UDF functionality is available.
  • DMS attachment upload available.

Warehouse Transfer Batches

Allows you to view, edit and process Warehouse Transfer Batches.

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