Neurasoft Fusion Procurement Features

Browser-based Procurement Platform providing an end-to-end sourcing, contracting and purchasing solution

Powerful, yet user-friendly procurement system

Neurasoft Fusion Procurement is the latest evolution in Procurement technology providing powerful processes directly in the cloud. Fusion provides a wide range of new features to enhance your procurement procedure while streamlining the effort put in by the user. Have all your business’ expenditures captured, approved, and processed via your web browser, all the while maintaining a live view of budgets, purchase orders and policies.

Neurasoft Fusion Procurement can operate as a stand-alone product, or fully integrate with Sage 200 Evolution.

Neurasoft Fusion Procurement features:

  • Fusion Procurement is a native cloud product; that means different members of your team can work on the same project and workflow from different locations, with immediate updates. No more disconnect, waiting for data synchronisation processes and lost data.
  • Provides real-time integration to Sage Evolution.
  • Suppliers, general ledger accounts, inventory items, projects, tax types, etc. are read directly from your Sage database.
  • Transactions are posted to Sage securely the moment they happen.
  • Assign projects on either Purchase Order or line level based on your Sage Evolution configuration.
  • View your General Ledger account budgets for the period and year to date, showing the budget for a selected project.
  • Fusion moves the purchase request through a user definable approval workflow.
  • Assign approval limits on various levels – User, role or individual workflow steps.
  • Request for information flow. Requests can be temporarily re-routed to any user in the system to request more information.
  • Standard email notifications are sent as the request moves through the workflow.
  • Custom escalation policies. Fusion escalation can send a reminder email notification or reassign the workflow based on user defined delays.
  • Print approved Purchase Order.
  • Email approved Purchase Order to the supplier.
  • Segment your business and define different workflow steps for each segment. Segments could for example represent departments.
  • Customise user permissions based on your needs.
  • Limit user access to company databases and segments.
  • Post comments.
  • Attach files to the request.
  • Custom email notifications at any point in the workflow.
  • See a full audit trail of the approval process.
  • Email templates for customising the content of all email notifications sent by Fusion.
  • Customise Purchase Order layout to suit your needs.
  • Report designer for creating custom reports.
  • Dashboard designer to create custom dashboards.
  • Custom developed plugins allows for adding custom workflow functions, rules and budget calculation logic to Fusion to solve problems specific to your environment

Frequently Asked Questions about Neurasoft Fusion Procurement

Yes. The Fusion application is hosted on your own server. This allows you to control how and from where the application is accessed. For example, you could allow access from outside your internal network, but only to users connected via a secure VPN. Fusion can also be configured to use secure HTTPS communication.

Yes. Your IT provider will be able to configure your internet access to allow for access to the application from the internet.

Yes. Users are able to open a rejected request, edit it and submit it for approval.

Yes. Fusion allows you to make a copy of an existing request.

Yes. Fusion allows the user to work on a draft request over time and request approval once the user is ready to do so.

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