Neurasoft Fusion Procurement

Browser-based Procurement Platform providing an end-to-end sourcing, contracting and purchasing solution

Have all your business expenditures captured, approved and processed via your web browser

Neurasoft Fusion Procurement is the latest evolution in Procurement technology providing powerful processes directly in the cloud. Fusion provides a wide range of new features to enhance your procurement procedure while streamlining the effort put in by the user.

Have all your business’ expenditures captured, approved, and processed via your web browser, all the while maintaining a live view of budgets, purchase orders and policies. This is a truly integrated business solution.

Browser-based procurement software like Neurasoft Fusion Procurement lets organisations create and deploy a tailor-made procurement platform that fits their unique processes without the trouble of having to develop a brand-new procurement system from scratch.

Managing procurement processes in the cloud using Neurasoft Fusion Procurement will help organisations control and optimize the cost associated with hardware, implementation, maintenance, and training. Its browser- based nature makes it a perfect fit for organisations of all sizes.

Customisable automation and workflows will smoothen the complex procurement process for a faster and more accurate turnaround time.

Neurasoft Fusion Procurement can operate as a stand-alone product, or fully integrate with Sage 200 Evolution.

5 Reasons why Neurasoft Fusion is the perfect procurement solution for your business

Probably the largest benefit of moving to a cloud procurement platform is the cost-effectiveness it offers. Organisations do not need huge upfront investments or hefty maintenance fees to use a SaaS procurement solution. Neurasoft Fusion is subscription-based, making it an affordable solution. Since Neurasoft is a cloud-based product, you will always have the latest version of the software at your disposal.


Many times, desktop-based procurement software is disconnected from he financial systems or ERP. Neurasoft Fusion’s end-to-end integration with Sage 200 Evolution eliminates data redundancy, manual intervention, and offer a single version of the truth.


Neurasoft Fusion enables a seamless flow of information throughout the organisation, irrespective of role or department or location. This speeds up the decision-making process and reduces the overall turnaround time of the procure-to-pay cycle through quick data retrieval and seamless collaboration.


The user-friendliness of automated procurement software like Neurasoft Fusion is one of its greatest advantages. Its flexible nature offers a faster time-to-market by reducing the time taken to implement and tailor the product around their processes while ensuring cost and time savings.


Neurasoft Fusion comes with an intuitive user-interface that provides a bird’s-eye view of the procurement process. Using the purchase request views function, users can track the status of any purchase at a glance or see outstanding requests the need to authorise or further motivate.


Feature Highlight: Workflows

Workflows allow for a user defined set of steps to be followed when a request needs to be approved.

Flexible step assignment types:

  • Directly to a user
  • To a manager.
  • To a function.
  • To a role.
  • To the originator.
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