Our Consulting Procedures

Handy guidelines on our consulting procedures at Preferred Solutions

For all Consulting assistance required, please follow the following procedures

Jarvis Consulting Services is always ready to assist! We have developed highly effective procedures when it comes to consulting and support, to deliver a great service in a timely manner. To help our clients understand the way we work, take bookings and schedule our consultants, we have listed our consulting procedures in short below.

Please phone our office with your support request. We will then be able to advise on our consultants’ availability OR assign a different, equally able consultant to assist. Remember that our consultants are mostly busy at/with clients during the day and cannot take your phone call or have immediate access to their diaries to make bookings on the spot. Also, we respect clients’ time while on the job, and would like to keep interference to a minimum (as you as a client would expect while a consultant is working on your problems).

Our central switchboard for bookings and support requests is 087 164 0149.

We will schedule an appointment with the first available consultant and a confirmation will be emailed, which you kindly need to accept.

Please let us know if you prefer a specific consultant for assistance, as we normally schedule the first available consultant to assist unless requested otherwise.

The job coordinator will log a call for you with the appropriate help desk and the help desk consultant will call you as soon as possible.

Kindly note: All calls are attended to in the order in which they are received (service level agreement clients get preference) and become chargeable after 15 minutes (service level agreement clients will use hours from their service agreement)

If you are requesting support via e-mail, please send emails to: info@jarviscon.co.za 

You can also request support directly through our website by clicking here.

Please do not email the consultant directly, especially if requiring urgent support.

This is very important, since the consultants are not always available to read and answer their emails immediately or even the same day, depending on their schedule.

To make sure you receive timely support, we will then rather make a booking for you with a different consultant.

We offer you the best, by being the best

  • Our consultants write yearly exams to remain certified to support the various products.
  • We have more than 150 years collective experience in our team – each consultants averaging 7 years of experience which means you are in excellent hands!
  • These exams cover new modules and functionality, as well as the new tax tables and SARS regulations and requirements.
  • We have an extensive in-house training program, which varies from onsite training (actual visits to clients), to simulated errors, issues and problems. This ensures that we have a continuity plan in place, so that key skills are not resident in only a single resource, but rather shared amongst all our consultants.
  • We have a dedicated helpdesk to assist you with smaller, less urgent problems.
  • On-site and remote consulting for more urgent or serious problems/challenges requiring expert attention.
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