Sage Pastel Stationery

All the pre-printed stationery you need for invoicing and payslips

Not every business owner is multi-skilled in areas such as design – but this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have access to company stationery that is professional. In a dynamic service offering, Sage Pastel offers our clients a range of professional, pre-printed stationery for your business. The range includes invoices and statements, and other business related documents such as quotations, debit notes, supplier invoices and goods received notes. Sage Pastel Stationery is suitable for A4 laser, inkjet or continuous feed printers.

Five reasons to buy Sage Pastel Stationery

a) It’s quick, easy and ready to use; and you can get your business up and running immediately!
b) It’s the only official pre-printed stationery that has been specifically designed to match Sage Pastel Accounting layouts.
c) It’s smart and professional.
d) Sage Pastel stationery is cost-effective; we buy bulk and pass the savings onto you.
e) Enjoy the convenience of ordering ready to use stationery when you need it.

Jarvis can supply you with all the Sage Pastel Stationery you need in order to easily print the correct document types for your accounting needs.

We offer the following stationery types:

  1. 2-Part Invoices
  2. 3-Part Invoices
  3. 2-Part Statements
  4. Sage Pastel Payroll Confidential Payslips

Be sure to contact us for your order, as we regularly run special offers for our clients.

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